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Individual advice

Experienced hoteliers and marketing experts at your side


More utilization & yield

As well as more satisfied customers.


Yield & Revenue Management Software

Intelligent automated price maintenance, individually tailored to your operation.


With our specially programmed software, no price maintenance or other settings are necessary for you either. The software is maintained directly by your personal TourSol consultant, always focused on the implementation of your goals.


Our TourSol Yield and Revenue Management software is a powerful solution that helps hotel and tourism businesses optimize their revenue strategies and increase profitability. With our advanced software, businesses can accurately and efficiently manage their pricing, availability and capacity planning.


Our software uses big data analytics and advanced algorithms to enable informed decision making. It automatically collects and analyzes data from various sources such as booking systems, historical data, competitive information and market trends. Based on this information, the software generates precise forecasts and calculates optimal prices and availability.


By using our TourSol Revenue Management software, companies can dynamically adjust their pricing strategies and benefit from fluctuations in demand and the market. The software enables real-time price optimization to maximize revenue while ensuring customer satisfaction. It also helps optimize utilization by minimizing capacity bottlenecks and reducing vacancies.


In addition, our software provides detailed analytics and reports to give businesses valuable insights into their sales performance. You can generate comprehensive reports on various metrics such as revenue growth, occupancy rates, competitor analysis and much more. This information enables hotel and tourism businesses to make informed business decisions and continuously optimize their revenue strategies.


Our TourSol Revenue Management Software is characterized by ease of use, flexibility and scalability. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and is suitable for hotel businesses of any size and industry. Our dedicated team is always at your disposal.


If you are looking for an advanced and effective solution to improve your revenue strategies and sustainably increase your profitability, Our TourSol Yield and Revenue Management Software is the right choice. Feel free to contact us for more information about our software and how it can help your business.

For you as a hotelier, we have designed the TourSol Yield and Revenue Management Software in a clear and structured manner. At a glance, you and your staff can access and analyze prices, occupancy, booking forecasts, and other relevant data in real-time, whenever and wherever you want.


Kroessbacher family

Hotel Burgstall, Neustift

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Gmachl family

Hotel Jedermann, Salzburg

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Lerch family

Hotel Urania, Vienna

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Graf family

Hotel Vitaler Landauerhof, Rohrmoos - Schladming

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Pohler family

Hotel Krone Tirol, Lechaschau

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Kofler family

Hotel Dorfstadl, Kappl/ Ischgl

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Riegler family

Anna Maria Chalet Lech, Arlberg

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