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Our methods

There are many approaches for optimizing a company, we have combined them in one product.

Or in other words: separate the wheat from the chaff instead of not seeing the forest for the trees.


Yield Management

The art is to use yield management to generate more revenue and produce less costs.


toursol yield managementThis clearly leads to the search for a higher price strategy and yet to always keep the focus on not letting the costs for "more expensive customers" become too high. This leads to checking which measures are "honored" by the guests in the value consideration. Put simply: Is the guest willing to pay a higher price? For this the Yield management needs then its partner the marketing around the products attractively to let appear. The costs of marketing, in turn, must always be reviewed in terms of benefits and costs. So much for reality. But what does it look like in practice?


We have rethought and revised the yield management function. We are convinced that it is no longer sufficient to define oneself by price, but that one must look at and analyze the business from a 360° angle.


To do this, we developed a management software that provides and controls the necessary data. A technology that enables yield management and marketing to communicate with each other. But as important as the technology in the background is, the human factor in the foreground is just as important. Experts, from yield and revenue management, content, social media, Google marketing, OTA's, travel agencies and also other technology companies. We all strive to achieve the same goals for you. And when we have achieved them for you, we start all over again to improve the achieved goals even further.


Give the work out of your hand but do not relinquish control. We work for you independently but do not act on our own. At TourSol experts work with a vision. By optimizing all necessary measures, we achieve a higher price in the long run without harming the utilization and price stability.


Content Management

Good content is the flagship for your business. That's not new. It used to be in travel catalogs, now it's digital.


toursol contentOn the booking platforms, the review sites, in various social media and, of course, on your website. It is therefore all the more important that your content is always "up-to-date". The guiding criterion for meaningful text, image and video content is always authenticity. But as important as a variety of different content is, quality instead of quantity also applies here. No mountains of information, but strategically selected topics of high quality and prepared in a media-relevant way.


With TourSol, you can confidently put this work in our hands. Our content management is led by experienced experts. With years of experience in international tourism and content management, we know exactly what to look out for: what content hotel businesses need to deliver, what is required by travel suppliers and what guests want to see.




TourSol always has its finger on the pulse. We know which content strategy is right for your business and inform you which new media should be included where and when.


Valuation management

A positive comment about the hotel on the booking platform, a bad review about the hotel room on Tripadvisor, a devastating photo or video about the restaurant visit on Google-my-business. 


toursol bewertung

Evaluations can quickly result in a wave of negative impulses. Often there is not enough time, or there is no active evaluation management at all. But this should not be disregarded either. After all, evaluations are far more than just praise and blame. Of course, a negative evaluation is sobering. But active evaluation management leads to greater corporate success in the long term:


  • Error analysis
  • Image improvement
  • New customer acquisition
  • Product optimization
  • Customer loyalty


Meanwhile, there are countless ways and possibilities for guests to rate your business.


We illuminate your house and your evaluations in the 360° angle and react in consultation with you to guest reactions and analyze together with you the gaps that need to be closed in order to make more satisfied guests your regular guests in the long term.


Cost analysis made easy

The daily routine is already stressful enough, which hotelier then still has time and desire to look at and evaluate lengthy reports. 


toursol kostenanalyse

We provide our partners with a calculation tool adapted to their business, which meets the requirements of the particular business.


Due to our many years of experience and the collected empirical values with the respective hotels, we are able to provide you with a customized calculation tool with which you can quickly and easily analyze and defuse the sources of error or the cost-causing resources.





Budgeting always at a glance

From planning to implementation for the individual cost centers, many factors play a decisive role. Certain goals are linked to the preparation of the budget.


toursol budgetierung

Together with our cost analysis calculation tool, you get a valuable tool with which you can always keep track of budgeting.


Operational and strategic budgeting / multi-level budgeting:


  • Investment plan
  • Material plan
  • Production plan
  • Sales plan
  • Distribution Plan

Social media consulting

Six eyes see more   

toursol social mediaOur focus is on the implementation of social media consulting and thus represents another important added value that we can offer our clients.


Together with you, we thus raise your social media strategy to a new level!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok.... Which channel is the right one, and when is it too much?
With TourSol you stay on track and don't run the risk of getting lost in the social media jungle.


From planning to implementation, you will be advised and accompanied by us.


Perfectly coordinated price concepts with a personal touch

The guest and his booking behavior have changed and therefore the times are over in which for every hotel a price concept according to scheme-X was applicable.


toursol preiskonzepteYour personal advisor will work with you, not self-determined, to create a price concept tailored to your individual needs, perfectly matched with your personal touch.


Togetherness is particularly important to us here. Because we know that as individual as your guests and their needs are, so is each individual hotel business.


At TourSol, you will not only receive a pricing concept that is tailored to your hotel, but also a hotel concept in which we define and highlight your unique selling propositions to give you a long-term competitive advantage.


Revenue Management

ADR, RevPar, Forecast and many more technical terms. Often heard, but perhaps rarely used until now. - and what do they mean?


Financial data showing growing revenue and successful business strategy. Finance analyst or executive manager analyzing profit on chart report with city background.Revenue management is all about key performance indicators (KPIs). But how do you apply these indicators correctly?

Acting proactively instead of just reacting. Just as we have rethought yield management, we are also adapting revenue management. It is not enough to define ourselves by price alone. In revenue management, we examine the hotel in all areas (including with our calculation tool) and draw on the factors that are responsible for pricing in order to create the right strategy.


Our management software provides you with a valuable tool for evaluating and analyzing the key figures. This enables us to develop and apply the right strategy for you.


It is essential to always act with foresight, to re-evaluate the strategy used and to adapt it if necessary. You know it from driving a car when the fuel needle is already flashing in reserve. Here, it is immediately clear to everyone what needs to be done: refuel.


With TourSol, you won't come to an unexpected stop halfway through your journey. We are your fuel needle and remind you in time to refuel before you have to switch to reserve mode.



Kroessbacher family

Hotel Burgstall, Neustift

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Gmachl family

Hotel Jedermann, Salzburg

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Lerch family

Hotel Urania, Vienna

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Graf family

Hotel Vitaler Landauerhof, Rohrmoos - Schladming

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Pohler family

Hotel Krone Tirol, Lechaschau

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Kofler family

Hotel Dorfstadl, Kappl/ Ischgl

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Riegler family

Anna Maria Chalet Lech, Arlberg

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