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Yield Management

The art is to use yield management to generate more revenue and produce less costs.


toursol yield managementThis clearly leads to the search for a higher price strategy and yet to always keep the focus on not letting the costs for "more expensive customers" become too high. This leads to checking which measures are "honored" by the guests in the value consideration. Put simply: Is the guest willing to pay a higher price? For this the Yield management needs then its partner the marketing around the products attractively to let appear. The costs of marketing, in turn, must always be reviewed in terms of benefits and costs. So much for reality. But what does it look like in practice?


We have rethought and revised the yield management function. We are convinced that it is no longer sufficient to define oneself by price, but that one must look at and analyze the business from a 360° angle.


To do this, we developed a management software that provides and controls the necessary data. A technology that enables yield management and marketing to communicate with each other. But as important as the technology in the background is, the human factor in the foreground is just as important. Experts, from yield and revenue management, content, social media, Google marketing, OTA's, travel agencies and also other technology companies. We all strive to achieve the same goals for you. And when we have achieved them for you, we start all over again to improve the achieved goals even further.


Give the work out of your hand but do not relinquish control. We work for you independently but do not act on our own. At TourSol experts work with a vision. By optimizing all necessary measures, we achieve a higher price in the long run without harming the utilization and price stability.



Kroessbacher family

Hotel Burgstall, Neustift

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Gmachl family

Hotel Jedermann, Salzburg

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Lerch family

Hotel Urania, Vienna

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Graf family

Hotel Vitaler Landauerhof, Rohrmoos - Schladming

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Pohler family

Hotel Krone Tirol, Lechaschau

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Kofler family

Hotel Dorfstadl, Kappl/ Ischgl

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Riegler family

Anna Maria Chalet Lech, Arlberg

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