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Valuation management

A positive comment about the hotel on the booking platform, a bad review about the hotel room on Tripadvisor, a devastating photo or video about the restaurant visit on Google-my-business. 


toursol bewertung

Evaluations can quickly result in a wave of negative impulses. Often there is not enough time, or there is no active evaluation management at all. But this should not be disregarded either. After all, evaluations are far more than just praise and blame. Of course, a negative evaluation is sobering. But active evaluation management leads to greater corporate success in the long term:


  • Error analysis
  • Image improvement
  • New customer acquisition
  • Product optimization
  • Customer loyalty


Meanwhile, there are countless ways and possibilities for guests to rate your business.


We illuminate your house and your evaluations in the 360° angle and react in consultation with you to guest reactions and analyze together with you the gaps that need to be closed in order to make more satisfied guests your regular guests in the long term.


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