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Budgeting always at a glance

From planning to implementation for the individual cost centers, many factors play a decisive role. Certain goals are linked to the preparation of the budget.


toursol budgetierung

Together with our cost analysis calculation tool, you get a valuable tool with which you can always keep track of budgeting.


Operational and strategic budgeting / multi-level budgeting:


  • Investment plan
  • Material plan
  • Production plan
  • Sales plan
  • Distribution Plan


Kroessbacher family

Hotel Burgstall, Neustift

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Gmachl family

Hotel Jedermann, Salzburg

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Lerch family

Hotel Urania, Vienna

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Graf family

Hotel Vitaler Landauerhof, Rohrmoos - Schladming

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Pohler family

Hotel Krone Tirol, Lechaschau

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Kofler family

Hotel Dorfstadl, Kappl/ Ischgl

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Riegler family

Anna Maria Chalet Lech, Arlberg

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